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We offer a complete selection of electrical and plumbing supplies.Our goal is to provide our customers with the right product for their needs. This often involves special orders.

Think of us for all your painting needs.We provide products and assistance to customers for projects ranging from minor repairs to whole house installations.

Because we stock a full line of electrical and plumbing parts, you can find everything you need to do your project from start to finish.

We specialize in Wood Stoves and Stove Pipe Accessories.

We sell presto logs, heating pellets, kerosene and propane.

Culvert and Highway Drainage Pipe
A culvert is a pipe that carries water from one side of a road, driveway, railway or other obstruction to the other. Culverts will be buried at some depth below the surface, aligned so as to permit passage of water with minimum obstruction to the watercourse. Culverts also provide access to commercial developments, homes, farms or livestock facilities, or under haul roads used for mining or forestry.

Culvert and Highway Drainage PipeCulverts are generally short in length and open at both ends and often must withstand substantial traffic loads. While the installation does not require a large quantity of pipe, the installed drainage structure is extremely important to the overall of the road/drainage interface.

We carry Galvanized culvert in 10's, 20's, and 30' foot lengths. ADS culvert is available in 20' lengths, but we are able to cut to 10' lengths. (See our stock inventory list).



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